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About me

Hello, I'm Ayaz an Indian multidisciplinary designer elevating products through human-centric designs. Currently experimenting with different user experience research on web3 applications and looking for new design opportunities.

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My Story

I started my design journey during my graduation days. As a self-taught designer, I began by experimenting and learning through different online resources. Once I had a good understanding of the overall design process, I started working as a freelance designer. I worked on a variety of startup projects, where I continued to learn and improve my skills with each project.

I also contributed to developing a new design system and re-design application for a decentralized video streaming application recently.

In my free time, I love to go through different design projects, read UX case studies, solve design challenges and contribute to open-source projects in design and UX reports.

Having a good amount of experience working with SaaS companies. Last year, I moved to web3 to explore blockchain technology and DeFi, which I believe will revolutionize the traditional financial system. I started contributing to different DAOs to get involved early and eventually got the opportunity to work as a founding designer at DIVA Protocol, where I solved complex design challenges for a derivative application.

Over and above this, I love traveling places on my Royal Enfield which also works as a huge source of inspiration for me. I enjoy different foods, and meeting new people, and love the fact that it makes me a better person and a designer helping me to understand how to approach problems in different ways and apply them in a creative way.

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