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DIVA Donate

A case study on, How we created an Event-driven Conditional Donations Platform using a smart-contract-based operating system to create and settle real-life linked financial derivative assets called DIVA Protocol.

Beem App & Design System

Designing a new version of the Beem design system and revamping the Beem app with new features and design systems for a better user experience.

Beem Mac.png
DIVA App (1).png

DIVA App & Ecosystem

Designed the DIVA app built on DIVA Protocol that lets users create and settle flexible derivative assets. Also designed different dashboards to manage protocol along with 3 other ecosystem applications.

Deepdelve : Legal contextual search app

AI-powered legal discovery platform for precise information retrieval and concise summarization. Designed using Material UI 3.0 design system.

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